Did you know that there are two types of Office fit out see below to see which applies to you, then pick up the phone for a friendly chat to see how we can help  

Category A

Category A is usually a standard landlord fit out. This includes features such as mechanical and basic electrical installations, air conditioning, suspended ceilings, uniform office lighting,  raised access floors and basic finishes to internal walls. This ends up to be the finished space that a new tenant would view when the space is put on the market for letting, Habitable yes but a far cry from a functioning working office to suit any new occupant, so very much a blank canvas for turning into the office workplace tailor-made to your own requirements. In most instances Cat A will not include data points or very much in the way of power but cash sums may have been set aside by the landlord as a contribution towards them for a new perspective tenant so worth asking about that, as well as a floor finishes allowance. Don't forget at the end of the lease the landlord will require the space to be reinstated back to the condition it was originally let which will be subject to a schedule of dilapidations in the new lease.  

Category B

Category B fit-outs usually are carried out by a new tenant moving into the space and incorporate anything that can make your workplace unique and practical. Usually this consists of fully fitted Tea-points, Meeting rooms, Individual offices, Boardroom & reception area. We then have to look at reconfiguring the Air Conditioning to suit the new layout as well as the existing lighting and safety systems. Other requirements will be installing power & Data points to suit the agreed space plan along with laying floor finishes and Decoration. Then the final part will be installing the new furniture all ready for you to move into. We offer a full range of services from "Concept through to completion" and are your one stop shop for your office fit out project as well as our extensive range of office furniture to meet all styles as well as budgets. Quick tip when looking to  take a new office as a rule of thumb you should allow between 70 & 100 sq ft per head and also allow for some redundancy for future expansion and growth.Were more than happy to accompany you on any viewings for potential office space with no obligation to give you advice and input on how the space may function for you as well as any issues we may see in the fitting out of the space to which you may not be aware. 

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Whether you are deciding to refurbish or re-design your work environment completely, we’d be happy to talk to you to you about your specific requirements to find out which fit out is right for you.  

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