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By Marc Price 26 Jun, 2017

When considering office relocation the following will help you to avoid some of those

legal traps & clauses often used to tie you into another term or incur financial penalty

on your existing space and make office relocation problematic.

Check your lease and read the terms. This sounds obvious but the amount of tenants that

don’t is amazing, above all make sure all the conditions attached to the break option are met in order

to successfully end your lease.

1. Notice to vacate on a break clause. You must give the correct period of notice. One day over and you can be tied into the remainder of your lease.

2. Break date. You must ensure you have calculated the break date correctly. Hopefully your lease will specify an actual date but it may refer to an anniversary of the start of the term.

3. Method of service. Check the lease to make sure you serve the notice by the correct method. Email is unlikely to be valid. You should keep a record of when you serve the notice and it is sensible to ask the landlord to acknowledge receipt.

4. Comply with lease covenants. If required, you must ensure that you have complied with all the obligations in the lease both when you serve the notice and on the break date. Strict compliance is necessary. If you are required to decorate the property in the last year of the term you must decorate even if you only decorated last year.

5. Dilapidations You are required under the terms of your lease to strip out and remove anything from the demise that was not there when you moved in so for instance office partitions, data cabling, alarms & office furniture in fact anything that you have installed in your office fit out.

6. Vacant possession. No rubbish should be left and you must not be occupying the property on the break date.

7. Payment of rent and other sums. You need to ensure that you pay all sums required. This may include insurance and service charge payments as well as rent.

8. Ask a surveyor. If the lease is full repairing and requires reinstatement of alterations this must be dealt with and you should ask a surveyor to advise you of the work that needs to be done.

9. Ask the landlord. Although the landlord is under no obligation to help you, it is worth asking what works need to be carried out and what payments you need to make to avoid any uncertainty.

10. Seek legal advice. With so many risks it is important for you to be properly advised.

Metre Squared Interiors award winning Office fitout and office refurbishment in London

Your complete service provider for all your commercial office fit out, office refurbishment & office relocation needs.

Call us today to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your requirement

By Marc Price 02 Jun, 2017

Brief introduction

Metre Squared Interiors are forward thinking and innovative office fit-out and office refurbishment company, based in London & Buckinghamshire. We have made it our business to understand the unique sets of challenges involved with commercial refurbishment, Fit-out and design and build projects.

We provide a complete package from initial concept and design stage, through construction to deliver a high-quality finished end product.

When instructed by a client to deliver a new office fit-out or commercial refurbishment project, not only do you want the process to be smooth and painless, But with us you also have a partner with the insight and experience to offer the right kind of guidance and advice to all parties, at every step of the way.

Vision Statement

Through our people, professionalism, innovation and our commitment to continuous improvement we will be a preferred  interiors contractor for construction services in our region.

Core Objectives

  • To achieve consistently high standards
  • To submit clear, detailed and consistently competitive quotations
  • A competent, motivated and rewarded workforce
  • To provide a competent and professional approach to all types and sizes of project
  • To be a profitable company, yet customer driven
  • To complete projects on time and within budget
  • To provide a safe but enjoyable working environment throughout the construction process
  • To forge long lasting working partnerships with other complimentary organisations
  • To work with our suppliers, pay our bills promptly thus promoting confidence and integrity in Metre Squared Interiors
  • To develop lasting business relationships with all of our customers

Our commitment to client service…

We aspire to treat all our Clients and partners in the same way as we would expect to be treated ourselves, with honesty, Integrity, fairness and respect.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our customers and strive to provide the very best quality services and products to ensure best value.

Although we understand the value of the economic pressures and considerations of doing business, Health and safety and environmental issues should not, and will not be compromised by us to provide a cheaper cost option on any project.

Metre Squared Interiors is commited to our clients’goals and working enviroment, we will ensure that our works do not impact on the day to day running or affect the integrity of our clients’ operations wherever possible.

These are our promises to our clients and employees…

  • A promise to be a valued partner to our clients.
  • A promise to develop and train employees and promote personal growth.
  • A promise to fulfill all we commit to, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our Services

As a complete service provider to our clients. The advantage to you is that the whole process is seamless from the moment you call us to arrange an initial site visit, right through to the completed project

  • Architectural & Building regulation submissions
  • Office Design and Space Planning
  • Construction Management & CDM
  • IT/Datacoms & AV
  • Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing
  • Office Partitioning & Suspended Ceilings
  • Glass office partitions & Manifestation 
  • Raised Access Floors
  • Office lighting
  • Office & Commercial Decoration
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Office & Corporate Relocation
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Dilapidations

    The results that you will benefit from are reduced costs, reduced management time and an innovative, high quality service –provided where you want and when you want it

Our Site Management …

When you are partnered by Metre Squared Interiors, you’re guaranteed a complete service, from the initial Design & strip-out, to the installation stage to finally completion and handover. All of this will be taken care of by our dedicated tradesmen & overseen by our experienced professionals at every aspect of the construction process

On site you’ll be able to liaise with our dedicated site foreman for updates on where we are on a day to day basis for example, and you will also be in direct contact with a single point of call project manager, who’ll supervise the construction phase from start to finish and ensure that the programme of works runs to the agreed timescales and standards.

Prior to handover of the project we will arrange a meeting of all parties to walk the course and pick up any snags & only when you the client are totally satisfied, will effective completion of the project have been reached.

What Makes Us Different?

If the question just relates to the process of interior fit out & product installation then the answer is nothing, we do what a lot of other companies do all over the UK.

Its how we see our industry and deliver it that sets us apart…..

*We guarantee to have a single foreman on every major project from start to finish not only manage the works, but to liaise with the client and any other building tenants (Hearts & Minds strategy)
* We guarantee to be on site from start of project to completion of works no unexpected absence from site leaving the client wondering what's going on.
*Due to a combined experience of 43 years in the commercial Office fitout sector, We know what were talking about and as a result we quote both fully and with confidence.
*If we cant do a project, or any element of the works in the required timeframes we say so, We wont take on work that we know we cant deliver or struggle trying to.
*We stand by our promises

We’re serious about our business as you our clients are serious about your's

Communication is key!

Above all else we see this as the most fundamental requirement in our Industry and one that is often lacking on all levels not only on site but right up to client level.

We find it all to often that people communicate good news but never problems, as a result the project starts to flounder, people start to become unsure of what's happening and when, but worst of all the clients level of expectation is now being damaged .

It is only through effective lines of communication that any project can be achieved and delivered.

We advise on all project dates for delivery and will inform on alterations or delays to those dates which unfortunately do happen.

We strive to keep all parties informed at every step of the project and will raise any issues on site before the client looks on them as a problem or issue.

By Marc Price 26 May, 2017

One of most important things when you start to space plan or change your existing office layout is to have an accurate plan of the office as it is currently. You maybe lucky and have the drawings from the previous fit out to hand or it may just be the outline of the floor as issued in the lease documents if its the latter its going to take a little more work making sure its to a scale you can work with either way this will give you the overall floor-plate and a base with which to start...

You will then need to know the answers to a few questions so lets start with the following:

Number of staff in the organisation at present ?

Planned growth in staff over the next 3 to 5 years will the space give you future proofing for expansion?

Do you require meeting rooms, individual offices, Boardrooms, Break out area  & or a reception ?

Do you have existing furniture if so is it practical to keep it or would smaller desks be a better use of space, We tend to find these days that on average there is 400mm of wasted space on a pair of 800mm deep desks place back to back which is usually filled with cereal boxes, soft toys and packets of biscuits all of which your paying valuable rent for with no return. We find 600mm deep desks are a far better way forward especially with flat screen monitors and no wasted space             

An efficient office design has to include space for good general circulation as well as the minimum required fire escape routes along with DDA compliancy.

For most offices were looking to reconfigure and its not a new office fit-out there is usually something that can be done to improve the efficiency of the layout without the need for removing vast amounts of the partition walls.

As you have already worked out a lot goes into getting it right as well as having the right tools, that's where we come in by taking the stress away and working with your input to produce the perfect office layout in AutoCAD.

Call us today to book in a consultation meeting  on 0845 838 2656     

By Marc Price 19 May, 2017

Creating Innovative Office interiors is what we do best making Metre Squared Interiors your perfect choice for a Design & Build Partner

Whether you've embarked on an office refurbishment or office fit out project in the past or if it's the first time you've approached a project of this kind, you will want to know exactly how the process works with Metre Squared Interiors. 

Our first contact

The first step is always the initial meeting we'll listen to your requirements of how you would like to divide up the new space and the overall feel you are looking to achieve. Staff numbers are also important and the department sizes in which those staff are split. We will also ascertain the timescales involved for your project and pinpoint key dates. Finally we carry out a survey of the proposed new premises to find out what elements will affect the overall design.

 Following this initial meeting we will come back to you with our detailed cost proposal for your project complete with an indicative test fit plan and proposed finishes        

 Once you've made a formal decision to proceed with Metre Squared Interiors as your Design and Build partner, the project scheme can then be refined and adjustments made which often can be done without compromising the overall design and finalised costs put in place.

 Office Design & Space Planning

 Good design isn't just an optional extra, It can help make your new office space more functional for employee's and -of course- create a hugely positive impression on visitors & clients.

 At Metre Squared Interiors, we understand the importance of contemporary and innovative styling and we work in partnership with you to integrate the design features you want, ensuring that your environment is truly unique.

The design process starts from the outset following the initial brief. We'll listen to your ideas and contribute some of our own, based on our substantial experience in Office Fit-out and refurbishment. 

Its also important for us to understand your company and how it functions in it's day to day activities such as which groups of people need to be near to each other in the finalised layout  I.E Sales & Accounts, Managers locations in respect of their teams, do you require a larger area for company presentations or training  all these things we take into consideration in order to arrive at the optimum layout tailored to suit your company 

We will also discuss types of finishes from office partitioning styles using glass and solid partitions, Office lighting, IT & Data requirements, Office Tea-point's & Breakout areas, Floor finishes from Carpet tiles to Hard flooring as well as Office decoration and bringing in feature walls colours to add effect & WOW factor  

Once the final design and layout has been agreed we will then submit the mandatory applications to all the relevant bodies. During the course of the project we will liaise with the District Surveyor and Fire officer to guarantee final completion certificates are achieved.

Your new landlord will also require a Licence of Alterations to be completed, which we will happy to assist in providing them with all the information they require to satisfy their requirement 

Office Fit out & Handover

When you employ Metre Squared Interiors, you're guaranteed a complete service, Our experienced professionals oversee every aspect of the construction process, from the initial strip out and installation phase right through to completion and handover, all of this will be taken care of by our dedicated tradesmen  

On site you will be able to liase with our single point of call project manager, who'll supervise the construction phase from start to finish and ensure that the programme of works runs to the agreed timescales and standards. Prior to handover of the project we will arrange a client meeting to walk the course. Only when you the client are totally satisfied, will we have pleasure in presenting you with the keys and effective completion of the project will have been reached.

  Office Furniture and Office Relocation

The project doesn't end with the construction phase, Office furniture also plays an important part in the overall design & finish. It doesn't matter whether your looking for general office seating and desking or retail counters and displays. As dealers for several leading brands we can offer a wide range of styles at different levels and prices.  

 Worried about the actual move ? Our specialist relocation partner will assist with every aspect of the process. From the initial audit and inventory prior to the move right through to the relocation, we use a tracking system to ensure crates are delivered to the right areas and personnel. We also provide a day 2 service as well if required to assist with the unpacking and the setting up of PCs and printers. 

 After the Project

Everything's gone smoothly & You've settled into your new office. But what if you require further work? It may be that the new-look premises plays an important part in attracting more clients and customers, or simply that you experience a growth curve in your business that requires extra staff,  that's why were always on hand as we look to build long standing relationships with our clients, were not there just to do your project and never been seen again and there's no one better placed to help you than your original design and build partner.

 Were always at the end of the phone when you need us.



By Marc Price 11 May, 2017
Bring the outdoors inside with this dramatic edition to your office, fits into a suspended ceiling and gives real impact to any office. Other designs besides a sky can also be provided such as looking up through Skyscrapers in New York for one. Boardrooms and meeting rooms can really be transformed with this innovative lighting.  Contact us today for a quote     
By Marc Price 11 May, 2017

Metre Squared Interiors are pleased to partner with  Letterbox 4 You   to provide all our office mail handling installations on Commercial fit out and refurbishment projects where they have multi occupied buildings. We all use email these days but the regular post still needs to be dealt with and we have found these guys deliver a great as well as varied product to suit all requirements and their service is superb which sits well with us, So we thought this would be a very fitting first "Blog Post"    

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